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70 + After effects Shortcut Keys 2023

Hello friends in this post we are providing very Useful 70 + After effects Shortcut keys For you. Read this Shortcut keys and use it on your projects.

After effects Shortcut Keys Lists

Shortcut KeysFunctions/ Works
VActive Selection tool
HActivate Hand Tool
UReveal all key frames and their properties.
Ctrl + Shift + CPre-compose Selected Layers
TShow / Hide Opacity(select Layer first)
Shift + /Fit to Screen
Ctrl + Shift + DSplit Layer
Alt + [Trim Layer Start Point To Current Timestamp
Alt + ]Trim Layer End Point To Current Timestamp
Home EndMove to work area beginning or end
Ctrl + Left/Right Arrow KeysGo Back or Forward one frame
Alt + Mouse Click & DragStretch Key Frames
AAnchor Point
YPan Behind Tool
QShape Tool
GPen Tool
BBrush Tool
ZZoom Tool
Ctrl + TText Tool
Ctrl + BEraser Tool
Ctrl + PPuppet Tool
(Alt + Property Shortcut [ex. P, S, R etc.])Set Key frames
( + or – )Timeline Zoom
( , or . )Composition Viewer Zoom
(F9)Add An “Eased” Key frame
(J & K)Jump Between Key frames
(I & O)Jump From Point to Point
(Shift + 0)Preview At Double Speed
(*)Add Marker
Ctrl + NCreate New Composition
(&)Move a Layer to Play head
Ctrl + KComposition Setting
Ctrl + ASelect all layer
Ctrl + YCreate a New Solid Layer
Ctrl + Shift + YChange solid layer setting
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + CCreate a camera layer
Ctrl + Alt + Shift + YCreate a Null Object
Ctrl + Alt + YCreate Adjustment Layer
NWork area end
BWork area start
Ctrl + Alt + FScale Layers to Fit
Ctrl + RToggle Ruler
F9Make your eases easy
Ctrl + JToggle Viewer Resolution
(Ctrl + Shift + J)Half resolution
(Ctrl + Alt+ Shift + J)Quarter resolution
(Shift + F3)Show Graph Editor
(Ctrl + F)Search for Layer
(Ctrl + Shift + H)Hide or Show Layer Controls
(Alt + Left/Right Arrow Keys)Kern Type Effects
(Ctrl + Alt + S)Save Current Frame
(Ctrl + ` [apostrophe])Show/Hide Grid
 ~Maximize a Panel
(Ctrl + Up/Down Arrows )Toggle Layers
(Option + Drop New Layer)Replace Layers
[Start the layer position
]End the layer position
U UShow all layer properties
Ctrl + HomeShape Align in Center(Selected)
Alt + Ctrl + HomeSet anchor Point in Center
Ctrl + double click on Pan behind toolSet anchor Point in Center
Ctrl + IImport File
Ctrl + MRender File
Ctrl + Alt + MRender Que In Media Encoder
F9Ease Ease
Shift + F9Ease Ease In
Ctrl + Shift + F9Ease Ease Out
Page DownMove forward 1 keyframe
Page UpMove backward 1 keyframe
Shift + Page DownMove forward 10 keyframe
Shift + Page UpMove backward 10 keyframe
Ctrl + ZUndo
Ctrl + Shift + ZRedo
Ctrl + }Move Layer to Top One Layer
Ctrl + {Move Layer to Buttom One Layer
Ctrl + Shit + }Move Layer to Top
Ctrl + Shit + {Move Layer to Bottom

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