waving leaf animation in after effects

Waving Leaf Animation In After Effects

Hello Friends Here In this post we are providing, How to create Waving Leaf Animation in Adobe After effects. follow these steps.

Step 1 :- create a new composition in the After Effects, Choose a background according to your choice.

Step 2 :- Import the PNG Flower/ leaf into your Composition.

Step 3 :- Select the Pan Behind Tool and set the anchor point bottom of the PNG Leaf

Step 4 :– select the png layer and then press S for scale animation

Step 5 :– Then click on the scale keyframe button and set value to 0

Step 6 :- Then move forward 2seconds and set scale value 100.

Step 7 :- Select The Png Layer go to effects and preset panel search CC Bender and drag & drop on the png layer.

cc bender

Step 8 :- Go To Effects Control panel set top and base anchor point value of your png

Step 9 :- Then hold Alt key and click on the amount keyframe

Step 10 :- then go to layer pannel and type the expression wiggle(1,50)

Practice Element Download Link click Here

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